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 About Us:

The Saratoga Village Development Council (SVDC) of Saratoga, California sponsors several events in the historic Village throughough the year, planned and led by Saratoga residents, with a goal of promoting Saratoga Village businesses and visitors to the Village.

The SVDC communicates information via an email distribution list, but it is not interactive. To subscribe, please send an email message to Brian Berg and provide your name, phone number and affiliation (this information will be kept private).

The SVDC has been funded by contributions and has paid for several Village improvement projects including beautification efforts and bronze plaques for a number of the historic buildings. Plaques can be found at five locations in the Village:

  • Grover House - 14529 Big Basin Way
  • Agnes Women's Apparel - 14519 Big Basin Way
  • Bank Bar - 14421 Big Basin Way
  • Bella Saratoga - 14503 Big Basin Way
  • Bell Tower Bistro - 20490 Saratoga Los Gatos Rd

The SVDC also designed and paid for the large Village entrance sign welcoming visitors to the area.

In addition, the historic Saratoga Village banners that grace Big Basin Way were donated by SVDC, as well as half the cost of banners that appear during the holidays. A wreath contest, sponsored during the holidays by the SVDC, also adds to the festive adornment of the light poles. During the fall and winter season, scarecrows can be seen throughout the village, each of which is sponsored by a business, community organization or individual.

All residents and merchants are invited to join the SVDC listserver and visit the Saratoga Village blog: http://blog.saratoga-village.com/

The SVDC : An Ethos of Contribution (click here to view document)


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